The government is making several plans to provide work to the unemployed. In this series, the government is planning to bring its employment program MNREGA (MGNREGA) to the cities along with the villages. This employment will be given to those people who have become unemployed due to the lockdown from Corona. If this scheme is implemented then a large population will get employment in cities too.

This employment program will be implemented in small towns. The thinking behind this is that there is usually a need for trained or knowledgeable workers in big cities. Whereas in small towns, there is no need for training for daily wage workers. Initially, 3500 crore rupees will be spent on this. The government has been considering this idea since last year. Because of Corona, it has now been given an opportunity to implement it rapidly.

The Modi government has already spent 1 lakh crore rupees this year under MNREGA. Under this scheme, workers in rural areas get at least 202 rupees per day. They get work for at least 100 days in a year. Due to its implementation in urban areas, unemployed people in Corona will get employment. Kovid-19 has had a great impact on people in urban areas. This has caused the problem of unemployment for the workers. In April, more than 12.1 million people lost their jobs. With this, the unemployment rate has risen to 23 percent. However, since the time the unlock started, the unemployment rate has been declining since then.