On Thursday, suddenly it started in Kundelbhatha paddy collection center. There was a stir in the collection center due to the fire. With the help of hammers and fire brigade, the fire was brought under control.

The incident took place when the FCI team was present at the collection center for paddy verification. He suddenly saw smoke coming out of a stack of paddy covered with cover. Immediately after removing the cover, the fire was burning inside the stack and smoke was coming out. With the help of hammers, the stack was broken and an attempt was made to douse the fire. The fire brigade was also called. Somehow the fire was soon brought under control.

According to the information, 100 bags of paddy have been damaged due to the fire. According to officials, the fire was brought under control in time. Otherwise there could have been a big loss. About 7 lakh quintals of paddy is kept in the collection centre.

As of now, there is no concrete reason as to how the fire started. Nevertheless, due to high humidity by the experts, the possibility of this happening is being expressed due to the increase in the temperature inside the stack.