Peace Raises of Malegaon

September 9, 2006 0 By narayan28


You can’t block air, water and fire!

You can’t hide peace wave

Your hands can’t block the peace raises

Sow peace seeds! Serve the nation




Parallel Investigation of media to hide truth

‘The Hindu’ daily English Newspaper publisher N.Ram (Narsimhan Ram), published an article on Sept 9, titled “Malegaon: the road to perdition” written by Praveen Swami who is of its Delhi bureau & Anupama Katakam. They are in hurry to blame others to whom they treat enemy. They jumped to the conclusions without even a single clue.  Doing this they exposed themselves. Investigation is going on by Anti Terrorism Stock. Sniffer dogs are moving in the search. But with in few hours after the tragedy of Malegaon, English media became astrologer. This astrology may fuel the peace. Being a most sensitive town there is peace. Don’t give table news.


Gujarat High Court has said in its judgment, “It appears that attempt is being made by journalist/human right activist and advocates Teesta Setalvad and Mihir Desai to have a parallel investigation. We do not know how far it is proper but we can state that it is not permissible under law.’’


Yes Naxals are Hindu Militants lists the Hindu as a left-leaning independent newspaper. Naxalites Maoists are left leaning armed organization. They murdered more murders of innocent people especially tribal than Jihadi terrorists. They are Hindu Militants. Why not N.Ram, Pravin Swamy and Anupama called them in their newspaper ‘naxal terrorists’ and Hindu Militants? Why their senior comrade Somnath Chatterji says that naxals are not criminals? Somnath and othes gave certificates of ‘No office of profit’ to each other. Andhra Pradesh police on this Black Friday has claimed its biggest arms haul in two years, recovering 600 rocket missiles from the Naxal-infested forests in Mahabubnagar district. By these arms who are being killed?


Black Friday

“Black Friday” film of Anurag Kashyap in the production of Mid-day Multimedia Ltd, is based on S. Hussain Zaidi’s book which is the real story of 93 Bombay blasts. Islamic Pakistani army wrote black history on black Friday to kill Islamic Baloach leader Akbar Khan Bugti.


After black Friday, since next morning politics tries to cover peace raises of sun. Politics is on flood then on ‘Vandemataram’ and now on Malegaon. Pseudo-secular print media and electronic media should not evoke the sentiments of society. ‘The Hindu’ English daily and NDTV should lead to spread peace flowers instead of publishing and sounding uncalled hating messages. They have done their sufficient duty at the time of Gujarat riot. Still they are barking on that. Now they should not give their same anti-national journalistic duty for Maharashtra. Don’t burn hands in the hate fire.


In May 2005 Ram Vilas Paswan, cabinet minister in UPA said on electronic channel that ‘Hindustan’ word is communal. ‘The Hindu’ or ‘The Hindustan Times’ did not write a single word against this. Both papers are being called anti-Hindu newspapers. So many civilization and so many invaders tried to wipe ‘Hinduism’ but they could not be success.


Catching up the tail of foreigners

Followers of Lord Macaulay can’t solve our problems of unemployment; terrorism etc. They can produce MF Hussains and Arjun Singhs. Don’t try to cover India’s bright past and future by ‘Praising British rule’. The founders of The Hindu newspaper were anglophiles. In an editorial of 1894, The Hindu held that British rule had been beneficial to Indian people. To follow this Manmohan Singh praised British rule in India at the time of accepting honorary Doctorate degree from Oxford University, London on July 8, 2005, when millions of us died fighting against it which did jallianwala bagh massacre  which looted “Sone Ki Chidiya” and in exchange now in Congress ‘Hand’ only ‘Sonia Gandhi’. “Ham kya the Kya ho gaye aur kya honge abhi”



Joint Managing Director N. Murali said in July 2003, “It is true that our readers have been complaining that some of our reports are partial and lack objectivity,” On September 3 and 23, 2003, the reader’s letters column carried responses from readers saying the editorial was biased. The Hindu gives unjustifiable unequal coverage to news events, as in the case of reporting the particulars of the Ayodhya dispute. In 2003, Jagannathan mentions a “general feeling” that some of its reports are “anti-Hindu”.


Kashmiri Pt Nehru said,”Accidentally born as Hindu, I have my education by British and brought up in Muslim culture” We can see this truth to see the refugee Kasmiri pandits of Delhi streets. Manmohan Singh says he is accidently in politics otherwise he was an academic. Rahul baba also will be PM accidently. Why all accidents in India? “Ghar me aag lag gai ghar ke chirag se”


Conspirady to divide society

‘Vandemataram’ is for unite. But coming UP and other states election makes our national song controversial. Sonia Gandhi intentionally boycotted the Historical ‘Vademataram Day’.


Like that election for the MMC is scheduled in the next four months. This forced the leading English newspaper of South to publish an article to divide Hindu and Muslims in Malegaon. “Kishi ka ghar jale aur koi aag tape”.


There are some with mask of Hindu names to deceive people. Their religion is to spread hate against Hindus and Hinduism. Malegaon is the town where Muslims are in majority and ourtsider from Kashmir and Bangladesh are moving and residing there in suspicious condition. So here riots between both communities may find ground easily.


With in less than 15 days there are four incidents of hair sheering happened to widen the rift between Hindu and Sikh. Cetainly there is a conpiracy against Hindus.


Efforts of all communities to help victims

Members of Muslim community held an anti-Pakistan demonstration at Kalupu locality of Ahmedabad to protest Friday’s blasts in Malegaon town of Maharashtra. Bloods were donated even by non-Muslims. Terrorists made half century of murders and double century of wounded in Malegaon. About 150 members of the minority community came out on the streets and shouted anti-Pakistan slogans.




What does your name mean?


A good name for a child is considered equally important. The Chinese think a name may somehow determine the future of the child. Therefore, all possible factors must be taken into account when they are naming their children. In India, for thousands of years, the selection of the name was performed according to a traditional system, one that eliminated personal bias and reflected, according to astrological principles, the best qualities that the child was supposed to grow up with.


After considering all times of thoughts parents of us including Narshimhan Ram (N ram), Pravin Swamy, Swamy Agnivesh and Teesta gave us name.


Why not fulfilling the wishes of our parents? Why N Ram is not Ram and Praveen Swamy is not Swamy? Swamy Aginivesh originally of Bilaspur is against the Hinduism. Another Anti-Hindu Teesta Setalwad says: “I am born a Hindu. I know my conscience. I know from where my faith comes. I know the BJP, VHP, Bajrang Dal and Shiv Sena don’t speak for Hindus.” Teesta married with jihadi Javed Anand. Sonia toured with her to spread hate against Hindus abroad. All they did anti- Hindu activities in the name of Hindus.

For this Sonia Gandhi gave Teesta ‘Sadbhavna’ award and instructed her govt. for rewarding Glady Staines ‘Padmashree’. People blame that Sonia is non-Hindu with Hindu name and makeup to deceive people intentionally. Andhra’s Christian CM’s name is YS Rajasekhara Reddy. Former Christian CM of Chhattisgarh is Ajit Jogi. All are frequently openly directly or indirectly devoted for the conversion of Indians in the Christ.


They are with mask of Hindu names to deceive the people. Their religion is to spread hate against Hindus and Hinduism. Is news paper with ‘The Hindu’ name for Hinduism? 91-year-old artist MF Hussain has been awarded Padmashri in 1955, the Padma Bhushan in 1973, Padma Vibhushan in 1989, and nominated to the Rajya Sabha in 1986. In return he made nude paintings of ‘Bharatmata’ and ‘Goddess Saraswati’. His lesson is in NCERT books.


There is a tradition in northern and eastern India known as ‘Bahurupiya’. A ‘bahurupi’ is a person of many forms and guises, a polymorph, a shape-shifter, a fantastic masquerader and pantomime, a primal ‘Fantômas’. ‘Bahurupis’ of present Indian politics rules by the performance of different roles by itinerant practitioners, for the entertainment, edification and mostly defrauding of the general public.


If Non-Hindus with Hindu names and makeup to honor the Hinduism instead of deceiving the people then they are welcomed? Otherwise their masks should be torn. There must be organized movement to expose fakes. They are more dangerous then Telgi’s fake stamps scam. They should be exposed by wiriting articles, books, agitation and all other democratic ways. Youths who want to serve the nation should come forward this holy cause. This is not the holy cause of Conversion to Christ or training for terrorism. This is the cause of nationalism. Hindu organizations should guide the youths for this movement.


By Premendra Agrawal

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