July 31, 2009 0

Two voices by surgery by politics

By narayan28

By surgery Himesh Reshammiya of Bollywood is going towards the Holly wood’s Late Michael Jackson of two voices. Politicians are not behind this. They are going with two voices by adopting political surgery.

July 30, 2009 0

Yawn alert for dozing P M

By narayan28

We have experiences that Prime Minister and other partners of the ruling parties are with the effect of sleep while ruling the country and talking with the foreign dignitaries especially with the Pakistan and America.
Breaking news of July 29, 2009: ‘Indian scientists design yawn alert for dozing drivers’

July 27, 2009 0

Nuclear Cult Mass Suicides

By narayan28

Nuke attack of U S on Hiroshima is lesser crime than Pushing towards ‘Nuke-Suicides’ through legislation on Civil Nuclear Liability and Amendment to the Atomic Energy Act 1962 by UPA Government.