November 23, 2005 0

Former KGB spy Antonia Maino Sonia

By narayan28

To day’s talk is and coming days’ talk will be Indira’s India and
KGB. But I want to remind and the facts show how close we were and we
are to disaster under the Congress regime. “You cannot be made great
by what you destroy but, by what you build”.

May 6, 2005 0

Mr. Clean follows Falsehood

By narayan28

What types of parliament we want? What type of opposition we want?
Mr.Clean forgot his own words, “any accused found guilty must be punished whether it is Laloo Prasadji or Jayalalitha or anybody else.”

May 2, 2005 0

India, not Europe towards demographic suicide

By narayan28

Hindus & Sikhs Population came down: Minority Commission
In the world only Hindus are liable to follow family planning and tolerate conversion. Few newspapers such as ‘The Hindu’ and Chennaionline publish news heading to misguide the facts. Their news heading meant there is more need to increase the growth rate of population of Muslims and Christians? Why ‘The Hindu’ wants decrease in the Hindu population and increase of others?