Two replies given by CMHO to the four hospitals issued notice
Townships are being occupied by the Kondam houses, more dengue victims
Mosquito killer sophisticated machine
Bhilai (EMS). The influence of dengue in the city is now getting reduced. Most Dengue Affected Area Khusipar, now Bapu Nagar, is now getting the name of Daegu patients. On Thursday, 61 people came to Bapu Nagar to conduct an inquiry, in which only 5 were found to be examined in Churshidar where 76 patients had come in which only 1 dengue positive was found. The above information was given by collector Umesh Agarwal in his press briefing today. He further said that on Thursday, 96 patients of dengue have been admitted to various hospitals of Durg-Bhilai and in view of the condition of serious patients of 7 dengue, they have been referred to major hospitals in Raipur. In which only 112 patients have been admitted in Sector 9 hospital alone, 37 patients resident of Township and 75 patients are from Corporation area. At the same time, 3638 patients were admitted in the Durg Bhilai and Raipur hospitals, in which 3293 people returned to their homes after being completely healthier. On Thursday, collector inspected other areas including Tanki Meroda, Meroda Basti, Roaabandha, Risali, Risali village and other areas. They said that the tanks located in Tanki Morda have gone away from there, but still there is heavy dirt there. He instructed the commissioner to clear it immediately.
TIP Hospital and BM Shah Hospital respond to notice issued by the given seam
Due to negligence and death due to negligence and death in the treatment of dengue patients, the CMOH had sought a reply by issuing notice to TT Hospital, CM Medical, BM Shah and Sector 9 hospital. On Thursday, BM Shah and Tang Hospital presented their answer. Touch Hospital has said that keeping the side of the dengue, a private room was sought from the patients of dengue, due to which he was taken Rs 2 thousand but he has now been refunded.
Dengue patients are getting the most in these areas of Township
Townships Public Health Officer KK Yadav said that most of the dengue patients are getting the same in those areas of Township where people in BSP’s Kandam houses and 24-unit houses are living. There is a lot of chaos around these Kandam houses, the chambers are open. They do not keep clean around this. Information about those occupying illegal occupation in these residences is being given to the higher management of the department BSP. Accordingly, they will take action at their level.
Seeing the effect of dengue, a mosquito killer sophisticated machine carrying the collector from Bavnar
Mosquito Hunting Machine Leaves Like Carbon Dioxide
The benefits of dengue spread in the city as a pandemic have now been taken in lifting the Business Men. On Thursday evening, the machine manufactured by the Moztrap company came with Avinash Bawankar from Raipur for the demonstration near collector Umesh Agarwal and Corporation Commissioner L. Chauhan. With the help of a mosquito killer machine, collector Umesh Agarwal, in the Municipal Corporation Chamber, told the importance of this machine. He told the collector that this is an American machine which is the Chinese assemble. It has a two-year guarantee. The price of this machine is 24 thousand rupees. Its upper section has several small lights which attract mosquitoes. Mosquitoes believe that there is a human being, because it releases carbon dioxide like humans, due to which mosquitoes are attracted to make their prey and when they come in contact, these mosquitoes are prey on this machine. This machine releases carbon dioxide as soon as human beings. The capcity of this machine can kill mosquitoes living up to 5 acres. These machines are of two types. One is electric and the other is automatic. Avinash Bawankar of Marketing has presented the corporation for a machine trial. After good performance of this machine, the corporation administration can take this mosquito killer machine