There is awareness and enthusiasm about vaccination in the general public till Manpur, Mohla and Chhuikhadan in the remote forest areas of Rajnandgaon district. A hallmark of this was seen when an 80-year-old elderly lady of village Chaknar of Gandai block, Mrs. Milan Bai, while trying to protect against rain, reached for vaccination. This is an example of awareness towards life, which inspires every section to get vaccinated.
On the call of the state government, the vaccine is safe in the district, the knock of the family is reaching the remote areas. Till 3 pm today, about 8 thousand people have got immunization done. Under the guidance of Collector Taran Prakash Sinha, the district administration team is working hard for vaccination. The Collector has asked public participation to get maximum vaccination done in view of the safety of health. In remote villages of Manpur, Mohla, Chhuikhadan block, people are waiting for their turn in long queues to get vaccinated.
People got vaccinated in large numbers at Dhavsa, Chaveli, the vaccination center of Manpur block. The second wave of corona had also reached rural areas. Keeping in mind the fear of the third wave of corona, there has been an awareness in the public that vaccination is necessary to protect against corona. By forming a team in village Paragaon Khurd of Dongargarh block, they are motivating the young villagers for vaccination. In village Salhewara of Chhuikhadan development block, public representatives including the sarpanch also came forward and got the vaccine applied. Anganwadi workers and Mitanin are working continuously to bring awareness about vaccination in the villages.