Google Maps is one of the most popular navigation apps that helps us navigate, predict traffic and find best routes while travelling. Thanks to the offline feature, Google Maps can even work when there is no internet connection. Wonder the tech that goes behind to make Google Maps work than just using our location information. In a blog post, Google itself has revealed interesting aspects about Google Maps that helps it to do the job. Here are 7 things you may not know about the tech that the world’s most-used navigation app uses to guide users worldwide Google Maps uses aggregate location data of all users in an area to showcase current traffic conditions. But it uses different technology to predict traffic. Google explained in the blog that it analyzes historical traffic patterns for roads over time. “For example, one pattern may show that the 280 freeway in Northern California typically has vehicles traveling at a speed of 65mph between 6-7am, but only at 15-20mph in the late afternoon. We then combine this database of historical traffic patterns with live traffic conditions, using machine learning to generate predictions based on both sets of data,” it said.