As of Thursday, the league has 49 matches in IPL-13. Only Mumbai has been able to secure its place in the playoffs. Now there are seven matches of the league left. However, for the three teams of the play-off, 6 teams Delhi Capitals, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Kolkata Knight Riders, Kings XI Punjab, Rajasthan Royals, Sunrisers Hyderabad remain in contention. But Delhi Capitals and Bengaluru are away with a win. They must win one of the remaining matches of the league.

Delhi Capitals – There are 14 points now. The league has two matches left. She will qualify for the playoffs as soon as she wins a match. Delhi have one match with Mumbai Indians on Saturday, while the second match is with Royal Challengers Bangalore on Monday. If Delhi loses both matches, it will have to depend on the performance of Punjab and KKR.

Royal Challengers Bangalore – currently 14 points. Two matches are yet to be played in the league. Bengaluru are scheduled to play with Sunrisers Hyderabad on Saturday. If won, it will reach the play-off. The second match is with Delhi Capitals on Monday. If both matches are lost, then KKR and Punjab will have to depend on the performance of Kings XI.

Kings XI Punjab – currently 12 points. Two matches remain. Both matches have to be won to reach the play-offs easily. One match is with Rajasthan Royals today. While the second match is with Chennai Super Kings on Sunday. If lost, it will have to depend on the performance of Hyderabad and Delhi.

Kolkata Knight Riders – 12 points at present. He has only one match to play in the league. He will have to depend on the performance of Punjab, Delhi and Hyderabad along with winning at a better run rate. To play with Rajasthan Royals on Sunday. Rajasthan will have to be defeated by more wickets or more than 80 runs. Only then can she stay in the race.