Under the guidance of Collector Shri Mahadev Kavre and District Panchayat Chief Executive Officer, Shri K.S. In the direction of Mandavi, work is being sanctioned to give maximum work under MNREGA to the villagers in various developmental blocks of Jashpur district. In the village, works of Dabri construction, well construction, pond deepening, fencing, Narwabandhan, land leveling are being sanctioned and they are being linked to employment. At present, about 52 thousand rural people have been given employment under MNREGA. 1 Lakha has been targeted to provide employment to laborers.

The aim of the district administration is that the local laborers get employment in their village itself and they do not have to wander away from work. For this, more works are being sanctioned under MNREGA. Water conservation, promotion works include construction of 3181 of Dabri construction, well construction 1168, Naveen pond 414, pond deepening 251, construction of alley plug 867, brush hood 1511, boulder check 930, Gabion 78 works under Narva program In which 6356.943 hectare area has been expanded in the irrigation area.