Sivan Five people have died in a painful accident in village Mohagaon of Seoni-District Kaliari Vikas block. There are 2 people injured. According to the information, the farmers were planting maize in Mohagaon, at the same time suddenly lightning struck with the force of lightning which resulted in the death of 5 people on the spot. While 2 people are reported to be injured.

According to the information, in the deceased, Veenita Sayyam father Radheshyam age 16, Savitri father Jeevan Lal, age 14, GGBi husband Sundar Jungheela 35 years apart, Prince Father Netam Vishwakarma 8 years, waiting father Netham Vishwakarma 9 years died, the same other In the two wounded, Maya Bai husband Rikhi Ram and Geeta Pradhan have been admitted to the district hospital Sivni for treatment for the last 50 years.

Avoid celestial electricity

It is more likely that the workers who work in the fields, the refugees under the trees, and the lamps in the pond when they are shining when the lightning shines. When you are indoors, stay away from power-powered equipment, wired telephones should not be used. Close the windows and doors, stay away from the verandah and terrace. Apart from this, the objects that are good for electricity should also stay away from them. Avoid contact with metal pipe, faucet, fountain, wash basin etc. Similarly when you are out of the house you should stay away from them. Since trees attract electricity.

Do not stand under the tree while lighting up the electricity, do not take shelter in the area with high buildings, instead of standing in the group. It is better to take shelter in a house. Stay in your vehicle while traveling. Stay in strong roofed vehicles, do not ride an open roofed vehicle, do not use metal products when you’re outdoors. Stay away from bike, electric or telephone pole wire fencing and machine etc. Stay away from ponds and reservoirs if you are under water or in some boat, then come out immediately.