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By Premendra Agrawal



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Remember Love affairs of Devyani Rana with Dipendra & see now she tied knot with HRD Minister Arjun Singh’s grand son. Remember love affairs of Aishwarya with Salman & see now engagement with Abhishek.


It is coincidence here that Devyani Rana And Aishwarya both are of above 30 years. Second notable is that Devyani married with Aishwarya a businessman belongs to Royal Family of MP grandson of Arjun Singh. But opposite to this actress Aishwarya’s is going to marry with Abhishek. Aiswarya is elder than Abhishek as Sachin Tendulkar’s wife is elder than Sachin. The duo received blessings from relatives and held informal talks with their friends after they exchanged rings in the engagement ceremony as did Abhishek and Aishwarya.


Royal family of Nepal went down in a hail of bullets

On June 1, 2001 the d runken Crown Prince Dipendra killed his parents King Birendra, the queen and seven other royals before killing himself at a family dinner. The king's son Prince Dipendra, was mad at his mother because she didn't approve of the young girl Devyani he wanted to marry. Dipendra met her in 1989, and was said to have been immediately "smitten".


Ms Devyani Rana was not there at the time, but relatives say she was fortunate to have escaped with her life as she was a regular visitor to the palace.

"Devyani was no less a victim than the people who were actually killed. She was lucky to escape alive, but the psychological toll it took on her was very deep," her uncle told the BBC in 2002. Devyani fled Nepal immediately after the massacre and now works for the United Nations Development Program. She maintains a residence in New Delhi as well as Geneva. Passage of time has healed some of the wounds and Devyani is starting a new life for herself by just held marriage.


I read in the past that MandalII Arjun’s cousin of UP later wanted to marry that girl. Now grandson of Arjun Singh has married with the eventful girl. What Rahul baba will do who knows? Should Royal celebrities of UPA be ideal for the kings and Rajkumars of democracy?


Devyani ties knot with Arjun Singh's grandson

The woman who found herself at the centre of Nepal's royal massacre in 2001 has wed in India in a ceremony attended by thousands of guests. Devyani Rana married businessman Aishwarya Singh, the grandson of Indian Human Resources Minister Arjun Singh.


The 34-year-old Devyani, who belongs to the elite Rana family of Nepal and the Scindia clan of Gwalior, got married to Aishwarya, a businessman in his mid-twenties, at a low-key affair at the Scindia Villa in South Delhi tonight Feb 24.

Arjun Singh hosted redeption for grandson’s marriage

The guest list comprised a number of top political leaders, includingPM Manmohan Singh, Congress President Sonia Gandhi, Karn Singh, former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, senior BJP leader L.K. Advani, ex-Foreign Minister Natwar Singh and his son Jagat and Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan.

Members of the royal Scindia family, including Devyani's aunts, Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje and Madhya Pradesh Tourism Minister Yashodhara Raje as well as her cousin and Congress MP Jyotiraditya Scindia attended the wedding. Devyani's mother is Usha Raje, hailing from India's Scindia family and the younger sister of Vasundhara Raje.


Swaymvar of Nepal ki chhori re

People said all kinds of things about the almost mythical-like relationship of Dipendra and Devyani. She must be damn beautiful, people used to say, otherwise why would a MAN like Dependra go after her to that extent. Who is this Devyani, people used to ask. Nepal ki chhori re, some used to answer. While all these questions and answers were exchanged, Devyani never appeared in front of the Nepali public to present her side of the story. She vanished. Many thought poor girl, she became the victim of the “love web” of big folks in Kathmandu. Dependra Shah is a history now though he left many questions unanswered. Even the old Devyani is a history now. She will be Mrs. Divyani from today in a lavish swayamvar ceremony in the Indian capital.


“I am happy with the marriage” - Devyani

Asked if she wanted to comment on her future, Devyani said, “I have a job at the United Nations. I will continue with the job. Appearing frail, Devyani showed no sign of the pomp and arrogance generally associated with aristocracy and Royalty, contrary to her upbringing in an elite Rana family of Nepal as well as the royal family of Gwalior. Family members had arranged the marriage after Devyani, the youngest daughter of Rastriya Prajantra Party chairman Pashupati SJB Rana and Ashwarya made their marital preferences clear.


Aish and Salman

Jul. 14, 2005: According to media reports, Salman abused Ash and threatened to take care of her with underworld mafia Dawood Ibrahim to Guru Satam.


Bollywood actors Aishwarya R Salman threatened Ash into submission of performing in Salem. When she refused Salman went crazy as Ash was traveling to US. He said threatening her that he had "people" who would watch her in America.

Finally, Salman wanted to have Ash and her family knocked off. "You know I can do it. After all, everybody from Dawood Ibrahim to Guru Satam is a friend," says Salman.


Engagement of Aish with Abhishek

Jan 15, 2007: Aish and Abhishek Bachchan got engaged at a quiet ceremony here on Sunday, setting the stage for the marriage of the film industry's most talked-about couple. The engagement between Abhishek, who turns 31 on February 5, and 33-year-old Aishwarya, was held at the Bachchans' residence in Juhu, the actress' secretary, Hari Singh, said. No date has been set for the wedding.


The event, attended by family members and close friends of the Bachchan and Rai families, took place between 8.30 p.m. and 9 p.m., hours after Aishwarya and Abhishek returned here from New York from the promo of their just-released film Guru directed by Mani Ratnam.


Sources said Abhishek put a ring on Aishwarya's finger to mark the engagement. Among those present were Amitabh Bachchan, his wife Jaya, their close friend and Samajwadi Party general secretary Amar Singh, Aishwarya's parents, industrialist Anil Ambani and his actress-wife Tina. The engagement came about one and half months after Abhishek and Aishwarya, accompanied by Amitabh and Jaya, offered prayers at the Varanasi temples.



By Premendra Agrawal