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By Premendra Agrawal



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Tandoor Sharma killed and burnt his wife in tandoor to rise in Congress? Killer claimed Congress flags burning!! Today talk is about the Naina & Matto, Yesterday talk was Kavita Rani, Madhumita and Sharda Jain.


The Delhi High Court on Monday upheld the death penalty awarded to Sushil Sharma, former Youth Congress leader, in the sensational Naina Sahani murder case.



Terming the offence as "an act of extreme depravity", a Division Bench comprising Justice R S Sodhi and Justice P K Bhasin dismissed Sharma's appeal and allowed the death reference petition against him, which was filed in 2003.


This is the chronology of events in the Naina Sahani murder case, popularly known as Tandoor case, in which the Delhi High Court today confirmed the death penalty to convict Sushil Sharma.

* July 2/3 1995: Police recover burnt body of Naina Sahani, wife of Sharma, from Baghiya restaurant in Ashok Yatri Niwas (Sanghrila hotel). Restaurant manager Keshav was arrested from the spot.

* July 10,1995: Police arrest Sharma in Banglore.

* July 12,1995: A Delhi court sends him to 10 days police remand.

* July 27,1995: Delhi Police files chargesheet.

* August 31,1995: Sessions court takes up the case for trial.

* May 9,1996: Trial court frames charges under section 302(murder), 120-B(criminal conspiracy) and 201(destruction of evidence) aginst five persons.

* January 1999: Court records evidence in the case.

* September 27,1999: Day-to-day proceeding of the case begins.

* April 17,2001: Delhi High Court transfers the case from the court of V K Jain to G P Thareja.

* November 2001: P K Dham appointed as amicus curae in the case in place of K K Sud who was appointed as the Additional Solicitor General.


Tandoor Sharma killed his wife to rise in Congress?

According to the Delhi Police charge sheet, Sharma, a former youth Congress leader believed his wife, also a Congress worker was having an affair with yet another Congressman Matloob Karim. Karim had been Naina's classmate. Sharma and Naina also had differences because he wanted to keep their marriage a secret.

A jealous Sharma had come home on July 2 that year to find his wife talking on the phone to someone. He redialed and confirmed she was talking to Karim. Enraged, he fired three shots from his licensed revolver at his wife killing her.

The police said Sharma then wrapped the body and tried to burn it in the tandoor with the help of the Bagiya Restaurant manager, Keshav.


A Delhi Police constable investigated what he suspected to be a fire and came across the manager trying to fuel the fire in the tandoor. He said he was burning Congress flags and campaign material, but the constable, Nazim Kunju, found the burning body of Naina.


For a while, many people in Delhi could not bring themselves to eat tandoori food and Sushil Sharma came to be popularly known as Tandoor Sharma. What you say about another Sharma Manu?


‘’ Profaning the dead body of a helpless woman whom the convict exploited for his own political career is an insult to womanhood,’’ Mr Thareja had said while awarding the maximum punishment for any offence. Who will punish political bosses of the killer who are still running the government?


Naina was burnt in the Tandoor of Bagiya Restaurant

On the night of July 2, 1995, Delhi police constable Abdul Nazir Kunju and Home Guard Chanderpal saw smoke emanating from the open-air Bagiya Restaurant in Ashok Yatri Nivas (now called Indraprastha Hotel). They got suspicious and scaled the hotel's boundary wall to enter the premises. 'Something big' was burning in a tandoor (a clay oven) in the restaurant.


Accused claimed that Congress banners and flags were being burnt

That 'something big' turned out to be the body of Naina Sahni (29), who was allegedly killed by her husband and the then Delhi Youth Congress president Sushil Sharma. Since the flames were touching the restaurant's ceiling, the two, in order to stop it from spreading, doused the fire with water. Later, while deposing in court, Kunju and it was claimed that Congress banners and flags were being burnt.

Incensed, Sharma allegedly fired three shots from his licensed revolver at Sahni. One bullet pierced her head, another hit her in the neck while the third missed her and hit an air-conditioner. Sahni died on the spot. Sharma wrapped her body, took it to the restaurant, chopped it into small pieces and tried to burn it in the tandoor.


IAS Officer gave shelter to the murderer in Gujarat Bhawan

That night, Sharma stayed with his Indian Administrative Service officer friend D K Rao at Gujarat Bhavan and left for Jaipur the next day. At that time there was a Congress Govrnment in Gujarat.


Additional Sessions Judge G P Thareja in his order said: "IAS officers should ensure that politicians who try to exploit their position as public servants by using extra constitutional influence are not encouraged in any manner,"


Congress received certificates from the renowned judges

Additional Sessions Judge G P Thareja wrote in the judgment: "A dead body is respected in this country. Everyone reveres a dead body on its last journey. By burning the dead body, the accused intended that Naina Sahni should go unwept, unsung and unheard."


He said it was not a case where the "accused has committed the crime and, thereafter, left the dead body so that it is properly disposed off according to the customs of the society to which the deceased belong". "Profaning the dead body by burning in tandoor of a helpless and hapless woman whom the convict exploited for his own political career is an insult to womanhood," he wrote. "Death sentence is only appropriate sentence."


Expressing strong displeasure over half-hearted efforts being made by Special PubliProsecutor A P Ahluwalia, Additional Sessions Judge G P Thareja said, "You (Ahluwalia) being specially appointed have not done anything which a normal prosecutor would not have done. The State is acting as if it is in link with the accused. It has created loopholes. Why is the State behaving like this?


“Rajniti ka asli rang kya hai, koi mujh se puche. Maine rajniti ka sabse ghinona chehra dekha hai. Jiske aage Ravan ke dus chehre bedag hain” Sex Rackets Murders Indian Politics and Election season.


Talk of today is about the Naina Sahni and Matto,. Yesterday the talk was Kavita Rani, Madhumita. Congress councilor Sharda Jain who along with other five co-accused got life sentenced. Before this there was a a talk of Madhumita Shukla. She was killed and accused former minister Amarmani Tripathi and his wife both were in the prison. Supreme Court has rejected the bail of them.


Our elected representatives have being seen in executing not only sex racket but also kill these women of sex victims. Up till now they are being managed to get acquitted, because police and investigating authorities are under them. Now Supreme Court is active to deliver order of proper punishment of them. Manu Sharma son of former minister of congress, Santosh Singh a son of police officer, Tandoor Sharma a former youth congress leader have been punished for life imprisonment or death penalty.


Mahumita Shukla

Mahumita Shukla was a aggressive poet. In one of her better known verses, the late Indian poetess Madhumita Shukla exhorted Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee to ''marry (former Pakistani Prime Minister) Benazir Bhutto and bring back Pakistan as dowry''.


Madhumita was found murdered in her Paper Mill Colony home in Lucknow in May 2003. Then Minister Amarmani Tripathi, with whom she was having an affair, is alleged to have engineered the murder and is now cooling his heels in jail. Prosecutors allege that Mahumita was carrying Mr Tripathi's child. “Because of your kindness I believed that you would share all my responsibilities. Once you got a job for my brother, my entire family started trusting you. I started believing that from now on we would not have to bow to anyone; that we would not have to make compromises any more. You became not only my but my entire family’s guardian.”


She said:” Hum to barbad ho hi gaye hain. Lekin sochte hain ke apne bhaiyon ki zindagi banade,”


Amarmani Tripathi denies having relations with her yet. For every Phoolan and Madhumita, there are lakhs of rural women, who lead lives of quiet desperation, victims of unspeakable violence, cruelty, and exploitation, often being treated worse than animals.


Nidhi’s book on her late sister Madhumati will come very soon in the market.

“It is about a high profile murder. It is an eyewitness’s account of a murder in which the victim is the narrator’s sister. This book is dedicated to all the Jessicas and Madhumitas in the world,” Nidhi says. “ Rajniti ka asli rang kya hai, koi mujh se puche. Maine rajniti ka sabse ghinona chehra dekha hai. Jiske aage Ravan ke dus chehre bedag hain (I have seen the real and the ugliest face of politics. Compared to it, even Ravan’s ten faces are blemishless),”


Dr Kavita Rani

Dr Kavita Rani, a 29-year-old lecturer at the Chaudhary Charan Singh University in Meerut was reported missing two months ago on October 29. Her mobile phone records also show that just before disappearing she had spoken to Chaudhary Babulal, a state minister, 57 times. The letters were found in Kavita's room in the Indira Gandhi Girls' Hostel. They seemed to have been written in a hurry and one mentions that some persons were "harassing" her.


Kavita was reportedly involved in getting transfers through thank to her proximity with politicians. Dr Kavita Rani’s family members fear that she might have been murdered as she was close to some UP politicians. A man accused in the disappearance of college teacher Kavita Rani turned himself to the police on Dec 24 in Uttar Pradesh. Ravinder Pradhan spoke live on a Hindi television channel and said he did not kidnap her and did not know her whereabouts.



By Premendra Agrawal