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LUCKNOW: Deviating from its strategy of not disclosing the CM face ahead of polls, the BJP has changed the course in UP as it has made it amply clear from all possible forums that Yogi Adityanath would hold the command of the government if the party returns to power in 2022.

The party has started highlighting Yogi’s persona as part of its poll campaign. The campaign is being woven around a discourse laced with songs, jingles and slogans eulogizing Yogi as a tough administrator, hard taskmaster, the pro-active and honest chief minister who has zero-tolerance to corruption and crime.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah, during his speech in Azamgarh on Saturday, appealed to the people to ensure BJP’s win by adding more seats to PM Modi’s UP kitty by giving votes to Yogi Adityanath. 

As per the BJP insiders, the party campaign cell is working day in and day out to weave a pro-Yogi narrative around the songs like a blockbuster number – Sabse bade laddiyya re (the biggest fighter) — from the movie Omkara. “We have been working on a number of songs and jingles to give more sheen to Yogi’s persona,” said a senior BJP leader.

BJP sources claimed that it was clear that Yogi Adityanath would be the party’s face in UP and that Amit Shah would hold the reins of UP elections himself as the party had understood that accomplishing Mission 2022 would help it romp home in 2024.

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The party sources claimed that the UP poll campaign would highlight how Yogi Adityanath had emulated PM Narendra Modi’s style of governance in UP. “How Yogi has changed the approach of governance which used to be perceived as lackadaisical and laid-back during previous UP regimes. This would be highlighted in the campaign for 2022 UP polls,” said a senior BJP leader. “The song – sabse bade ladaiyya re — sums up the traits of Yogi’s personality aptly.

Besides being a seer who always puts his work and people’s welfare before anything, Yogi has been able to rid the state of the empire of terror of Mafia and criminals demolishing their syndicates,” says Dr Chandra Mohan, a senior BJP leader. He adds that the COVID management of the Yogi government has received accolades not only in the country but abroad also. “He even skipped the last rites of his father as he was in the thick of handling situation arisen due to the second wave of the pandemic which was at its peak then.

He has set an example of how the seers work selflessly rising above all the worldly ties as per the demand of the time and space,” said a senior BJP leader. Moreover, besides making the electorate aware of the importance of this election during the campaign, the BJP contemplates telling the voters how this election is crucial for UP and the country as a whole.

The saffron brigade will also try to create a perception that the BJP is pitched against no one as there is no strong opposition to be trounced. This will be substantiated by the joining of a whole lot of leaders from SP and BSP in the days to come, said the insiders.