पिछड़ा वर्ग कल्याण संघ के माध्यम से अपील करते हैं  ऐसे संगठनों से सावधान

Respected friends are requested from other backward class family, please do so since independence till today when it comes to reservation, Hindu Muslim has come and ours today was 12th last date, today in Koda village town, Visva Hindu Parishad will stage a sit-in protest. And our people are being appealed to come, we request you people, have such organizations ever talked about our OBC reservation? Have these people staged a dharna regarding OBC reservation? Or have they given our support? When it comes to our reservation, then by bringing our people in front of such organizations, the work is done to divert our movement by increasing the number, that is why you appeal to the people through the Backward Classes Welfare Association, beware of such organizations. Because of these, whether it is under BJP rule or Congress rule, our movement has been crushed by agitation, so Backward Classes Welfare Association appeals to the backward class family not to go to such organizations and demand from the administration. Let’s maintain peace and order in the district and city Backward Classes Welfare Association District President Koda Gaonful Nath Dewan District General Secretary Devlal Sonavanshi Koda Village Like this:Like Loading… Continue Reading