Backlog of SC/ST list vacancies in Central ministries doubles in 4 years

By Express News Service

NEW DELHI:  Government data revealed that the number of unfilled posts in the Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes reserved category in Central ministries has increased substantially over the years. As per the data from the Department of Personnel & Training (DoPT), the backlog vacancies in SC and ST category in was 8,223 and 6,955 in the year 2016 and it increased to 14,366 and 12,612 in the year 2019. The Supreme Court on Wednesday took note of lower presence of SCs,STs in government jobs. 

The data also disclosed that more than 50 per cent of posts in the SC/ST category are lying vacant in the year 2019. The data on backlog vacancies said that in SC category, there were 13,979 filled up positions and 14,366 unfilled out of total 28,345 posts. The situation looked similar in the ST category as there were 9,404 filled up posts and 12,612 unfilled as against the total vacancies of 22,016 in ST category. 

The department monitors the progress in filling up of backlog reserved vacancies for SCs, STs and OBCs with ten Ministries/Departments. It has said that filling of vacancies, along with backlog reserved vacancies, is a continuous process and instructions have been issued to all ministries and departments of the Central government to constitute an In-House Committee for identification of backlog reserved vacancies, to study the root cause of such vacancies, to initiate measures to remove the factors causing such vacancies. 

As per the department, each ministry and department of the Centre is required to designate an officer of the rank of deputy secretary and above, as Liaison Officer, to ensure due compliance of the orders and instructions on reservation.  A parliamentary standing committee in its recent report also said the backlog vacancies are multiplying.