Stampede-like situation at COVID vaccination centre in Bengal, 20 injured


NOIDA: A domestic worker allegedly spiked her senior citizen employers’ milk and tea in Noida, leaving them unconscious, and decamped with cash and valuables from their house, police said on Monday.

The domestic worker had joined the household 12 days ago and the elderly couple had not got her identity verified and did not even have a picture of her, the police said.

Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (Noida) Ranvijay Singh said the incident took Sunday evening at a residence in Sector 27, under Sector 20 police station limits.

“The elderly man, around 70 years, had asked a boy who washes cars in the neighbourhood to help find a domestic help. The boy had brought in this girl, Laxmi, to the household where started working 12 days ago,” Singh said.

“Last night, she spiked milk and tea of the couple and another girl who worked in the home.

After consuming the beverages, all three fell unconscious and the maid escaped with some cash and other valuables,” he said.

“The man who washes cars in the neighbourhood is also missing and it appears that the two have escaped together after planning the robbery,” he added.

The officer said that after hiring the girl, the elderly couple had not got her identity verified and do not even have any picture of her.

However, the police have launched a probe into the matter and are looking for the domestic worker and her suspected accomplice, he added.

Legal proceedings are also underway to ascertain the amount of cash and valuables decamped from the house, the police said.