विशेषज्ञों के अनुभव और सुझावों से बनेगी सुपोषित छत्तीसगढ़ की बेहतर कार्ययोजना: श्रीमती भेंड़ियाछत्तीसगढ़ में सुपोषण और उसकी चुनौतियों पर राज्य स्तरीय संगोष्ठी आयोजित

13 September 2021 / Women and Child Development Minister Smt. Anila Bhendia has said that Chhattisgarh is ahead in many parameters in the state of nutrition in the whole country. If we improve the weak parameters, then surely our state will become the top in the whole country. Field officers, with the help of Panchayati Raj institutions, public representatives, organize regular Gram Sabhas in their areas and connect people with nutrition. This will make the goal of well-nourished Chhattisgarh easier. The use of locally available nutritious food in abundance in Chhattisgarh is playing an important role in removing malnutrition from children and women in Anganwadis. On the occasion of National Nutrition Month, she was addressing a state level seminar organized on the topic ‘Sustained Chhattisgarh-Scenario and Challenges’ at New Circuit House, Civil Lines, Raipur today. He said that the state government is determined to eradicate malnutrition from Chhattisgarh and is making continuous efforts. For this, dry ration, hot food and ready-to-eat are being delivered to the beneficiaries in remote areas with the help of Anganwadi workers and workers. Congratulating and congratulating the field staff for public awareness and door-to-door distribution of nutritious food during the Corona period, he said that people should be made aware about vaccination so that the possible third wave does not reach people and children. Smt. Bhendia said that by taking advantage of the experience, suggestions and ideas of intellectuals associated with many institutions in the seminar, the department would be able to prepare a better action plan to make Chhattisgarh well-nourished, which would certainly prove to be a boon for women and children. On this occasion, Mrs. Bhendia The District Program Officers, Jashpur, Surajpur and Bilaspur were awarded citations and medals for their remarkable achievements in the Nutrition Tracker App. He also rewarded Anganwadi workers for excellent nutrition garden. Along with this, representatives of voluntary organizations of the department UNICEF, World Vision India, Nutrition International, Evidence Action, Center for Learning Resources Chhattisgarh, The Antara Foundation were also honored. Along with this, he also inaugurated the nutrition exhibition, in which the variety of local nutritious food and vegetables was shown. UNICEF State Chief Mr. Job Zakaria said that the leadership of Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel on nutrition, specially launched in the state for the eradication of malnutrition. Chief Minister Suposhan Abhiyan, provision of additional funds for nutrition from DMF and diversity in nutritional diet of Chhattisgarh are the four main pillars, due to which anemia and malnutrition can be removed from Chhattisgarh. Vice Chancellor of Hemchand Yadav University Smt. Aruna Palta said that nutritious Diets are important for the present as well as for the future strong generation. If food is taken in the right way and quantity, it acts like a medicine and increases immunity. He described the operation of six P-factors Production (Production), Preservation (Protection), Poverty (Poverty), Population (Population), Pathology (Disease) and Policy (Planning) as an important basis for eradicating malnutrition. He said that there is a need to encourage local diet. Today, moonga powder of Chhattisgarh, which is rich in nutritional value, is being exported to foreign countries. It is more necessary to remove the deficiency of micro minerals, fat and protein in children. Secretary Mrs. Reena Baba Saheb Kangale informed that more than 18 government and non-government departments along with urban bodies, gram panchayats, public representatives are involved in the nutrition program. Is. It is the effect of Chhattisgarh’s sensitivity to malnutrition and the dedication of field staff that during the Corona period, Chhattisgarh became the first state which resumed providing nutritious food in Anganwadi from July 21. Director Smt. Divya Umesh Mishra said that nutrition started from the year 2018. Under the campaign, efforts are made to create awareness about nutrition, behavior change in September every year with the aim of eradicating malnutrition and anemia. In this series, in the last two years, more than one lakh trees have been planted in the state and nutrition gardens have been developed in more than 28 thousand Anganwadis. According to the data of Weight Festival in the year 2019, the rate of malnutrition in the state was 23.4 percent. According to the data of the weight festival held in July this year, the rate of malnutrition is expected to come down significantly from 18 to 19 percent. He said that coordinated efforts were being made to eradicate malnutrition in the state. About one lakh 60 thousand women have been benefited from the nutritional diet under the Mahtari Jatan Yojana. Under the Chief Minister’s Nutrition Campaign, 6 lakh additional beneficiaries have been given hot food. Due to which about one lakh 40 thousand children have been successful in bringing out of malnutrition. In the seminar, subject experts expressed their views on various topics like nutrition and wellbeing in pregnancy, treatment and management of severely malnourished children, behavior change, causes and diagnosis of malnutrition, nutrition in cleft cases. In which a large number of departmental and members of various organizations participated. Like this:Like Loading… Continue Reading