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By Express News Service

BHOPAL:  Brushing away allegations of saffronisation of the MBBS course in Madhya Pradesh, state medical education minister Vishwas Sarang said the restructured syllabus on ethics also focused on Maharshi Charaka, one of the principal contributors to the Ayurveda, and sage Sushrut, known as the father of surgery in India. 

Till last year the module comprised a series of lectures on English, computer application, yoga and lessons on handling patients, informed Dr Manohar Bhandari, the former head of the Ethics and Value Education Committee of the MGM Medical College in Indore.

Sarang said the state had the right to decide the contents of its module, adding: “The National Medical Council had said ethical values should be the part of the foundation course in the first year MBBS course. So we thought of incorporating these great personalities for building the character of students.”

When asked why Jawaharlal Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi were not part of the revised module, Sarang quipped students had been taught only about Nehru since Independence. To a question on whether this amounted to saffronisation of education, the minister said: “If imbibing the values of great men in our youth is saffronisation, then it is saffronisation.”  

Congress leader Kamal Nath said the decision was on expected lines. “Since its inception, the BJP has wanted to thrust its ideology on the people, be it in the field of education or other areas,” he tweeted.