बुलेट से बुशर्ट तक दंतेवाड़ा का सफर: हिंसा पर हौसले की जीत से बदली तस्वीर

A few years ago it was difficult to imagine that branded clothes made in a remote tribal dominated district like Dantewada, Dakshin Bastar of Chhattisgarh would be sent to big cities like Bangalore, Delhi. The Dhur Naxal-affected area, which was recognized by the country and the world due to the Naxal attacks, will never be able to change its identity, but now the picture has started changing due to the victorious victory over violence. Rich in natural resources and talent, Dantewada district’s own name ‘Dantewada Next’ ie Denex brand has now made a global identity. With the help of the state government, such a big garment factory is being operated here, as big as the factory is not even in the capital Raipur. From here a variety of readymade garments including high quality jackets, shirts, kurtas prepared by local women are now being exported far and wide. This is the beginning of the changing Dantewada that in 7 months only one lakh 27 thousand readymade garments worth Rs.7 crore 65 lakh have been supplied from this factory. Along with this, a start has been made to sell the forest produce under the Denex brand by doing value addition. In this episode, white amchur of Dantewada has been prepared from Denex brand. Earlier, where traders used to buy Dantewada’s Amchur cheaply, it has started selling at a good price after valuation. The beginning of making Dantewada a garment hub was started by the Chhattisgarh government with the intention of providing employment to the local people through Denex Nava Dantewada Garment Factory in village Haram of Geedam development block. Its objective is not just to create infrastructure but to improve the standard of living of the people by providing them the means of livelihood. 1.92 crore for this. The textile unit of K.K. has been set up on a land of 5 acres. The branded garment business started with the launch of the factory on 31 January 2021 from the lotus feet of Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel. Local women were trained and given employment in garment factories. MoU (Agreement) has been done with TRIFED, CRPF, NMDC for sale of products. Denex brand clothes are being sold from their outlets, which has got a good market for sale and has started transporting Denex brand country and abroad. About 400 local families have got employment from this factory run by Bihaan women’s groups. Training room, kitchen, dining room, rest room, first aid center, children’s play room, garden, toilet and other facilities have been provided for the people working in this grand factory. According to the announcement of Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel, while increasing the works of Dantewada Garment Factory, Unit-2 Barsoor of Dantewada Garment Factory constructed at a cost of Rs. At present 150 families have been given employment, which is targeted to increase to 300 families. The government plans to set up units in Dantewada and Bacheli in future so that more and more families can be given employment. Along with this, training of financial savings is also being given to women so that women can make their financial condition better by investing money in the right place. Anju Yadav, who lives in Dantewada district, was very happy when she got the job after training and told that she used to do sewing work at home earlier but could earn only 2 thousand in a month with great difficulty but now With the opening of the factory, he is earning an income of 7 thousand rupees every month. In the Garment Factory, she is manufacturing various types of clothes including new design suits, palazzos, shirts, pants, jackets. The women of the group said that they are very happy to learn the latest fashion designs in the garment factory. Earlier, there was not much income from wages or other work in the fields. In Denex Garment Factory, she has started earning 8 to 9 thousand rupees per month, due to which she is able to help financially even in her home. During the lockdown during the Corona period, when there was a crisis of livelihood in many places, Denex proved to be a boon for the local people. The women here did not have to wander for employment, due to which women were not only financially empowered but their confidence has also increased. The success of the Garment Factory will prove to be a big foundation stone for development in the times to come with a change in the lives of the local people. Like this:Like Loading… Continue Reading