साइकिल रैली निकाल कर दिया पोषण का संदेश

Under the nutrition month started in the state, a nutrition cycle rally was taken out by teenage girls in Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam ward of Gudhiyari sector, in which the message of resolve to make Chhattisgarh well-nourished was given. Rita Choudhary, Supervisor of Gudhiyari Sector, led the cycle rally to create awareness about nutrition and cleanliness. Rita Chowdhary said: “During the month of nutrition, adolescent girls have given a message of resolve to make Chhattisgarh well-nourished by taking out a cycle rally.” The girls had put up placards on their cycles with slogans to make them aware of malnutrition and cleanliness. Malnutrition is a big problem as well as a challenge. That is why the nutrition program is being run. The month of September is celebrated as the month of nutrition. Emphasis on food and cleanliness is very important, said Rita Choudhary. This awareness rally was organized by the Department of Women and Child Development. He said that in this rally an attempt has been made to give the message of “Sahi Poshan Chhattisgarh Roshan”. Nutrition Month is celebrated to completely eliminate the problem of malnutrition among children, pregnant and lactating women and to make common people aware of nutritious food. During this month many awareness programs are organized by the Department of Women and Child Development. Riya Jadhav, a teenager participating in a cycle rally, says: “We have given the message of “right nutrition Chhattisgarh Roshan” to the people by conducting a cycle rally in the ward. Through this rally, we have given a message to Hamjoli adolescent girls to take care of cleanliness on special days along with nutrition, as well as to eat nutritious thali and from time to time organized for adolescent girls by Women and Child Development. A message has also been given to participate in the program to check the level of Hemoglobin (Hb) in the blood.” Like this:Like Loading… Continue Reading