Maharashtra government presents draft policy for electrical vehicles

Express News Service
MUMBAI: The Maharashtra environment ministry, headed by Aaditya Thackeray, has prepared a draft policy for electrical vehicles (EVs), setting up charging stations across the state and given incentives for scrapping old vehicles.

According to the draft, the government will offer fiscal incentives for EV buyers. This will be based on the model of vehicles. Those buying EVs before December 31 will be eligible for early bird discounts of Rs 5,000/kWh of the vehicle battery capacity. Maximum discount will be Rs 1,00,000. Thackeray stated that the incentive will encourage buyers to buy EVs. He said all EVs sold in Maharashtra will be exempted from road tax till the duration of the policy.

“Buyers will be also exempted from payment of fees for renewal of registration certificates. For scrapping old vehicles, they will get incentives between Rs 7,000 to Rs 25,000 as per vehicle segment.” Thackeray added that they will appeal to banks and financial institutions to offer preferential interest rates for EV customers. “There are concerns among buyers about the battery life of EVs and resale value of vehicles. We have addressed that in the draft policy,” Thackeray stated.

“Those developing charging stations for EVs will be incentivised and given property rebates by local bodies. Residential owners will also get the same benefits for setting up charging stations in their premises,” said the draft. Thackeray said that henceforth, while preparing the development plan of any location, charging stations should be considered as amenities and space should be reserved or earmarked in the development plan.

Urban local bodies will be also asked to provide preferential parking space for EVs. In residential complexes, 20% space will be reserved for EV parking. “Maharashtra government will encourage factories to set up EV manufacturing units. We will offer competitive incentives to them. The implementation of this eco-friendly policy will help reduce air pollution,” stated the draft policy.

Incentives for buyers and charging stationsThe draft policy says there will be discounts for EV buyers and added incentives for scrapping old vehicles. Those developing charging stations will get property rebates. There will be reserved parking space for EVs