Bhupesh Baghel has appealed to the farmers of the state to use more and more vermi and super compost in their fields, so that a healthy and clean environment can be created for the future generations. He has said that he is making this appeal in the capacity of a farmer.
In his message to the farmers, Mr. Baghel has said that the cost of agriculture is increasing day by day due to the increasing price of chemical fertilizers. The benefit is becoming less than the cost. Indiscriminate use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides is reducing the fertility of the land, while the amount of toxic elements in agricultural products is increasing. Which has adverse effects on the health of the people and the environment. With the aim of solving these problems, we are promoting organic farming in the state of Chhattisgarh. Under Godhan Nyay Yojana, cow dung is being procured for Rs 2 a kg, through which women of self-help groups are making vermi compost and super compost.
Chief Minister Shri Baghel has said that arrangements for sale of Vermi Compost and Super Compost have been made through societies. Vermi compost is being provided to the farmer at the rate of only Rs.10/kg and super-compost at Rs.6/kg. He has said – “I also want to tell that vermicompost fertilizer is being sold by a reputed company of the country for Rs 64 per kg. In comparison, we are providing high quality fertilizers to farmer brothers at 6 to 10 times less price.
Chief Minister Shri Baghel has said in his message that the fertility of the land increases with the use of Vermi Compost and Super Compost. Crop production is better. The cost of cultivation is reduced. Their use prevents soil erosion along with improving the water holding capacity of the soil. The nutritional quality and quality of food grains, fruits and vegetables produced by organic manure are better. Organic products get good price in the market, which benefits the farmers. This compost prevents the loss of nutrients from the soil. The use of vermi and super compost reduces the incidence of pest and disease in crops.