Director of Health Department Neeraj Bansodh says that the departmental order has been issued. Priority will now be given in the treatment of non-covid patients in all hospitals. In view of Corona, there was a problem in their treatment. Other patients were also getting them done before reaching the hospital. Now patients will be treated in all respects. He said that special initiatives are also being taken for the patients suffering from other diseases like leprosy, cataract, tuberculosis. Order has been issued for their regular medicine supply and treatment. Guidelines have been given by taking a state-level meeting of all district medical officers to take departmental steps.

Let us tell you that for the last two years, due to corona, the focus of the health department is towards corona patients. In such a situation, for serious diseases like leprosy and TB, it is necessary to take regular medicine and get tested from time to time. But TB Hospital was made Corona Sample Center. Kovid Hospital was built in the same Leprosy Regional Office, Lalpur. Due to which other patients could not get medicine and leprosy patients could not get treatment.