By giving forest rights letters to the villagers by the state government, they have got a big support as a means of livelihood along with getting rights on their land. In Balrampur district, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel today interacted with the villagers of Murka village, Mr. Phoolsai and Mr. Rajaram Port, who received forest rights letters, to know about their well being. Chief Minister Mr. Baghel not only took information from the villagers of the remote district about the changes and conveniences brought in their lives by the Forest Rights Letter, but also suggested them to increase the production capacity of the land with the help of his farming experience.
Talking to Chief Minister Mr. Baghel, Mr. Rajaram Porte informed that he has got a lease of 2 acres of land, which also has a dubri and a well. They use the water of the well for planting vegetables and sowing wheat, mustard from Dabri and are doing fish farming in it. On being asked by Chief Minister Mr. Baghel regarding the production of vegetables, Mr. Rajaram said that he has sold two to two and a half quintals of vegetables. On this, when Mr. Baghel asked the reason for the low production of vegetables, Mr. Rajaram told that the new land was not fertile. On this, Chief Minister Shri Baghel advised him to add vermi compost to increase the productivity of the land, telling him the tricks of farming.
Similarly, Mr. Phool Sai told that he has got a forest rights letter of 2.5 acres, which has a dubari and a well. On taking information about the availability of water in Chief Minister Mr. Baghel’s well, Mr. Phoolsai said that he has water in his well, through which he does irrigation and fisheries in Dabri. On being asked by the Chief Minister, he told that Rohu is following fish.