Urban Administration and Development and Labor Minister and MLA of Arang Vidhan Sabha Dr. Shivkumar Dahria inaugurated and performed Bhoomi Pujan of works worth more than Rs.4 crore 78 lakh in the newly formed Nagar Panchayat Chandkhuri. On this occasion, he inaugurated the new building and inaugurated garbage collection rickshaw, mini tipper, tanker etc.
Minister Dr. Dahria, who attended the program as the chief guest, said that Chandkhuri is already recognized as a historical religious place. With the development of the temple of Mata Kaushalya, the Chhattisgarh government is developing this area in the form of tourism by constructing Ramvangaman path. An initiative has been taken by the government to develop this area further by giving Chandkhuri the status of Nagar Panchayat. Now several crore rupees will be available for development works here. The door of tourism will also open in Chandkhuri. Minister Dr. Dahria said that there was a shortage of funds due to being a Gram Panchayat, more funds would be available for development works by becoming a Nagar Panchayat. He said that the construction of Nagar Panchayat office building and the inauguration of development works and Bhoomi Pujan will speed up development. Minister Dr. Dahria visited the newly constructed building here.