Bari development works are being done in Gauthans under Suraji Gram Yojana. It is providing better options for livelihood promotion and nutritional enhancement at the village level. Women of women self-help groups are producing vegetable and horticultural crops by joining Bari Vikas. Along with their daily use, this crop is also becoming a source of additional income. Due to which the economic empowerment of women is being encouraged.
Women of self-help groups are growing horticulture and vegetables under Bari Vikas on 0.8 hectares of land in Gauthan village Supa of Pusaur development block. Women of 14 self-help groups are doing this work together. In the Bari development work under Gauthan, the women of self-help group produced horticultural crops onion, red bhaji, spinach bhaji, radish, beans, okra, maize etc. crops according to their interest in 0.8 hectare of land. At present, onion was cultivated in 0.6 hectare of land by the women of the group. Under the technical guidance of the Horticulture Department, a total production of 57.50 quintals of onion was achieved.
The women of the self-help group told that not only due to vegetable production under the development of the garden, various types of green vegetables for personal use are now easily available here. Rather, there is an economic benefit from its sale. Women of all self-help groups have expressed their gratitude to the team of Bihaan and the officials of Horticulture Department for their success.
It is noteworthy that for the daily use of the family and to remove malnutrition and to ensure the strengthening of the rural economy by creating a source of additional income, the cultivation of fruits, vegetables and flowers should be done on the land available near the residence. Suraji is the mainstay of the concept of Bari under the village scheme. Under the scheme, the scheme is being implemented by identifying women self-help groups. Bari is increasing the additional income of rural families and their food is getting balanced.