According to the intention of the state government, under the guidance of Collector Sanjeev Kumar Jha, the women of the group have started preparing decomposer for making super compost from the surplus manure in Gothano of the district. With the mixture of jaggery and cow dung, women will prepare pure vermi compost which will act as a food supplement for the plants. Along with this, it will also be helpful in maintaining the fertility of the land.

In the first stage of making super compost from cow dung, it is necessary to prepare waste de-composer. Scientist Dr. Prashant Sharma and the officers of Agriculture Department have given training to the women of the group associated with Gothan committee of all the districts to prepare de-composer, due to which women have started preparing decomposer in Gothan. The mixture of cow dung and decomposer will become super compost in 40-45 days.
This is how super compost will be made- First of all, to prepare the decomposer solution, the solution is prepared by mixing 2 kg jaggery and one vial of waste decomposer in 200 liters of water. This solution is kept stirring with a wooden stick for two minutes twice daily for 3 to 7 days. The decomposer solution is mixed with 9 to 10 times water by spraying 200 liters of solution in 20-25 days old 15 kg cow dung and mixing it well. The cow dung is kept covered with tarpaulin or para for 7 to 15 days so that up to 60 percent moisture remains. The process of adding de-composer solution is repeated 3 to 4 times as required. The organic manure is ready 40 to 45 days after the decomposer solution is added.