The Chief Minister’s Suposhan Abhiyan, run through Anganwadis, has freed a malnourished child born prematurely in Charama from malnutrition. In just 9 months, the baby is well nourished and has come to the normal range. The Anganwadi worker, Mitanin, and the child’s parents have won the war waged by the child to get rid of malnutrition.

Jiteshwar Sahu’s family resides in Anganwadi Center Kishanpuri No. 1 of Gram Panchayat Kishanpuri under Puri Supervisor Sector of Integrated Child Development Project Charama. Jiteshwar and Yamini Sahu received the Putra Ratna on June 2, 2020, at Komaldev District Hospital, Kanker. The baby was born prematurely. His weight at birth was only 1 kg 600 g, which was in the category of severe malnourished.

When the mother of infant Rajiv Naina, Mrs. Yamini Sahu and father Mr. Jiteshwar Sahu brought the child back home from the district hospital, information about the time of birth of the child was first obtained by Anganwadi worker Mrs. Mamta Kuldeep and village Mitanin. It was explained by him to the parents of the child in the presence of the family members that just as a female kangaroo keeps her baby close to her breast, in the same way every mother should breastfeed the child again and again by giving love and affection. . Apart from this, Sector Supervisor Mrs. Mamta Sukhdev and A.N.M. Counseling was given by presenting home.

While weighing in the Anganwadi center every month, the weight of the child and its importance were told through the growth chart. In the seventh month, Annaprashan of the child was done at Suposhan Chaupal in Anganwadi center. During this, a ‘Take Away Continuous Learning Process’ was demonstrated by mashing ready-to-eat food and local food items to the child as measured by a bowl.

From time to time, the child was benefited under the Chief Minister Bal Sandarbha Yojna. Apart from this, local fruits and vegetables were also showcased through Rangoli. Some munga trees were planted in his house and the use of munga bhaji in daily food and its benefits were told.