Dr Reddy's initiates legal action against fraudulent entities offering Sputnik V vaccine

INDORE: The video of a BJP leader celebrating her birthday by cutting a cake in a vaccination centre in Indore in Madhya Pradesh along with her supporters on Saturday went viral on social media, following which authorities promised action.

Madhuri Jaiswal, BJP president of Indore’s Ward number 58, however, claimed she had only gone to review the centre’s working, but could not refuse when one of her supporters brought a cake to celebrate her birthday.

“Some young worker came forward with a cake saying my supporters wanted to celebrate my birthday.

How could I refuse them? Though I did not want to celebrate as one of my family members was cremated today, I had to do it for the sake of supporters,” Jaiswal claimed.

“I apologise if I have done anything wrong,” the BJP leader further said.

Meanwhile, District Immunisation Officer Praveen Jadia said the video showed those involved in the birthday celebrations did not maintain social distancing and some were not wearing masks either.

“I have informed the authorities for action against the violators,” Jadia said.