The Sub-Divisional Officer (Revenue) of Saraipali informed that on 04 July 2020, for the allotment of government fair price shop in Basna, Gram Panchayat Mohka, Santpali, Kentapali, Bade Temri, Dudhipali, Saraipali, Birsingpali, Chandanpur and Khogsa Chhattisgarh public. Under the Distribution System (Control) Order 2016, applications were duly invited from large-scale tribal multipurpose cooperative societies, primary agricultural credit societies, forest protection societies, women self-help groups, village panchayats, other consumer cooperative societies located in the block. Scrutiny of the received applications was done through a committee constituted. Government fair price shops are to be allotted to the institutions proposed by the committee.
In this regard, if any organization, group has to make claims and objections, then they can submit it to the Sub-Divisional Officer (Revenue) Saraipali during the official period by 07 June 2021. The claim/objection received after the due date will not be considered and the selection will be considered as final. Recommended by the committee, the list of proposed government fair price shops has been pasted in the office’s information board and Janpad Panchayat Basna’s information board.