Under the direction of SSP and under the guidance of CSP Urala, these days the police is engaged in distributing masks by sensitizing people in every village. Dharsiwa TI Narendra Banchor, Priyesh John, in-charge of outpost Siltara, is explaining to the rural people the importance of having masks two yards apart under the awareness campaign. On Monday, constables Rajkumar Choubey and Yusuf Khan conducted a special campaign in the industrial area of ​​​​Siltra post, instead of beating those coming without a mask with sticks or sticks, they explained with love that to beat the corona, they must wear masks and keep a distance of two yards. Protect yourself and those in front by following the rule of others. Although for the past several days, such reports came out from different states of the country that the police brutally beat them up for not wearing masks, but till now the human face of the police remains in the state. He is not only giving advice to the people with love, but is also distributing masks at every square and intersection. In the capital Raipur also, the traffic police were seen at the Har Chowk intersection distributing masks to the people on Sunday.