According to the intention of Bhupesh Baghel, new experiments are being done by the Bastar district administration to give recognition to Bastar’s folk art, craftsmanship, culture, tourism and other local arts in the country and the world. Although Bastar art is already famous in the country and the world, its benefits are rarely available to local artists. Bastar art is in great demand in other states as well as abroad, but due to lack of knowledge of marketing nuances, the craftsmen are not able to get a fair price for their hard work. It is noteworthy that under the direction of Village Industries Minister Guru Rudrakumar, keeping the spirit of Aamcho Bastar at the center, the district administration is constantly doing new experiments. In this, training is being given to the women group in manufacturing, unique design, marketing, accounting and making them attractive and market-demanding materials and value-added products. At present, contracts have been signed with TRIFED, Bastar Kala Gudi, Tribal Token, Loka Bazar, Software, Pankhuri Seva Samiti, Amcho Bastar Bazar, and other related institutions for marketing the products of women’s group, it is also getting good returns.
In Bastar, women belonging to the group are busy doing value addition in artefacts these days. The possibilities have been increased even further with the new attractive designs of bamboo art, soil art, terracotta, tumba art, sisal art, hand made incense sticks and incense sticks and dhokra craft from the past. Bastar Collector Rajat Bansal said that there is a good demand for traditional and new design products. The promotion of products in social and digital platforms has also led to an increase in sales. We are constantly working to strengthen the marketing system. There is also a plan of the district administration to connect Bastar handicrafts with tourism. Under this, the Suvnier shops will be opened in the main tourist places, in which all the artifacts of Bastar will be kept for display and sale. This initiative of the Bastar district administration, while losing the direction, the Bastar handicrafts will get a new condition and direction. Along with this, there will also be an increase in continuous work and livelihood for handicraftsmen. Due to which the future generation will also be inspired to adopt Bastar handicrafts as a livelihood.