Shouldn't fight state governments now: Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal on Bengal chief secretary transfer

NEW DELHI: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said on Monday that this was not the time to fight with state governments, but to confront the coronavirus pandemic together. Kejriwal was reacting to reports of the sudden transfer of West Bengal Chief Secretary Alapan Bandyopadhyay by the Centre that snowballed into a major controversy.

“This is not the time to fight with the state governments, but to fight the coronavirus together with everyone,” Kejriwal tweeted, tagging a news report that Bandyopadhyay might likely to continue as chief secretary amid the relief relief for cyclone and COVID.

ये समय राज्य सरकारों से लड़ने का नहीं है, सबके साथ मिलकर करोना से लड़ने का है। ये समय राज्य सरकारों की मदद करने का है, उन्हें वैक्सीन उपलब्ध करवाने का है, सभी राज्य सरकारों को साथ लेकर एक होकर टीम इंडिया बनकर काम करने का है। लड़ाई झगड़े और राजनीति करने को पूरी ज़िंदगी पड़ी है
— Arvind Kejriwal (@ArvindKejriwal) May 31, 2021

“This is the time to help the state governments, to provide them with vaccines, to work with all the state governments as team India.The whole life is left for politics,” Kejriwal tweeted. The Centre had in a surprise move on Friday night sought Bandyopadhyay’s services and asked the state government to immediately release the top bureaucrat.

Bandyopadhyay, a 1987-batch IAS officer of West Bengal cadre, was scheduled to retire on May 31 after completion of 60 years of age. However, he was granted a three-month extension following a nod from the Centre to work on COVID management.