Changes in IT rules dangerous and retrograde, says CPI(M)

NEW DELHI: Calling the latest changes in the information technology rules “dangerous and retrograde”, the CPI(M) on Friday hit out at the government accusing it of trying to intimidate microblogging site Twitter.

A statement issued by the party demanded that the new rules be rescinded.

“The Government of India is using the Delhi Police to intimidate Twitter for flagging various BJP leaders’ tweets as manipulated media.”

The CPI(M) condemns the BJP government’s partisan use of the IT Ministry and the police raids on Twitter’s offices as acts of blatant intimidation.

“Undermining security protocols to provide government access to people’s messages is a dangerous and retrograde measure. These strengthen the architecture of a surveillance State violating the right to privacy of citizens. The Polit Bureau of the CPI(M) demands the withdrawal of these provisions,” the statement said.

The government has recently modified the rules concerning the safe harbour provisions in the IT Act for intermediaries such as Facebook and Twitter which is to come into operation from Friday.

The notification requires all intermediary platforms providing messaging services to identify the “first originator” of a message trail and furnish this on demand to either the Court or the Government.