'Press sedition charges against Ramdev for misinformation campaign': IMA in letter to PM Modi

By Express News Service
LUCKNOW: While backing Yoga Guru Ramdev over his controversial remarks against allopathic medicine and doctors, a ruling BJP MLA from East Uttar Pradesh’s Ballia district has accused some allopathic doctors of turning rakshas (demons) by even earning money by showing dead patients as alive.

The BJP MLA, Surendra Singh, defended Ramdev’s recent statements.

“I support Ramdev Baba’s arguments. He is furthering not his medical system, but instead promoting the ancient Ayurvedic medical system, so his arguments need to be supported.”

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“Relying on the Ayurvedic medical system will turn our country into Swasthya Bharat Samarth Bharat (healthy India-capable India). After retiring from politics, the lone mission of my life will be to promote Yoga and Ayurveda to make India healthy and capable,” Singh said, while supporting the Yoga Guru’s statements.

The first-time BJP legislator added, “I don’t say that allopathic medicine is bad or good work hasn’t been done in it. But in allopathic medicine, many doctors have turned rakshas (demons) by showing dead patients as alive in Intensive Care Units (ICU) just to earn money.”

“While I welcome and appreciate the services of allopathic doctors working honestly and sincerely for patient care, I also condemn greedy and corrupt allopathic doctors,” Singh said.

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Importantly, just a few weeks back, the same BJP politician had appealed to people to drink gau mutra (cow urine) to defeat COVID-19 and even put up a video showing him drinking cow urine, to demonstrate to people how to drink cow urine.

In October last year, the same legislator had reportedly defended a local party leader Dhirendra Pratap Singh, who had allegedly shot dead a 46-year-old man in Ballia district following a quarrel over the public allotment of ration shops. He had defended the local BJP leader by saying that it was an act of self-defense.

Only a month prior to it, Singh had also reportedly made a controversial remark on the Hathras gang rape case, saying that incident like that could be stopped with help of good values. “All parents should teach their daughters good values,” Singh had said.