Anusuiya Uike today participated in the Gayatri Yagya organized for the freedom from corona infection from the country and the state at the Raj Bhavan under the aegis of All World Gayatri Parivar Shanti Kunj Haridwar. On this occasion, the Governor prayed to mother Gayatri and wished to free the country and the state from corona infection, promote environment and good health of the people of the state.
Chhattisgarh Zone Coordinator of the organization, Mr. Dilip Panigrahi said that Gayatri Yajna and worship was done in homes all over the world, for the relief of corona infection, and the wish of Lok Mangal in the whole country, country and region. Gayatri Yajna was performed by the common people in more than 2 crores all over the world, about 2 lakhs in Chhattisgarh and about 40 thousand houses in Raipur. Its aim is to liberate from the global crisis of Corona, peace and harmony of the departed souls from Corona, for the health of the unwell relatives from Corona, and to refine the environment of the home family.
On this occasion, Mr. Lachhuram Nishad, District Coordinator Raipur and Mr. DR. Yadav, Zone Office Raipur were present.