In order to curb Naxalism in Bastar, the strategy adopted by the security forces to set up camps in the affected areas has now included the Naxalites in a small circle. Most of these camps have been set up in such inaccessible areas, where development was unable to reach due to the fear of Naxalites. Now, roads are being constructed in these areas also, the traffic is getting smooth, the schemes of governance are reaching the villagers in an effective manner, the landscape of the interior areas is also changing now.

In order to respond to the Naxalites in Bastar in the same style, the security forces also decided to set up their camps in dense forests and inaccessible mountains. These camps are being set up with a well thought out strategy, so that each camp can help each other when needed. The establishment of these camps has prevented the smooth movement of Naxalites in these areas. With the strength of security forces increasing manifold, the Naxalites are retreating. Under the supervision of security forces, construction of roads, bridges, culverts and infrastructural infrastructures are taking place at a rapid pace, due to which the plans of governance are reaching fast in these areas too.