The world rests on hope. There is both hope and despair in life and there is a duality between hope and despair in every human being, during this time it is our positive thinking which shows us new ray of hope amidst the complications. Our hope relieves us of difficult situations. Budhani Bai, a 100-year old woman, is a source of inspiration for all of us today. Not only has he defeated Corona with his self-confidence. At the age of one hundred, fighting with the disease, everybody has also shown the way to live with patience.

When the 100-year-old Budhni Bai of village Bundeli of Manendragarh, a development block in Koriya district, got corona infection, the concerns of her family members and nearby people had also increased. Budhni Bai had never heard of such a disease. He did not take stress even when he was admitted to Kovid Hospital after positive investigation. In the hospital, Budhni Bai was given regular medicines and food. She was under the supervision of doctors. A few days later, after the fever subsided and the symptoms subsided, Budhni Bai started feeling good, and the family members including the health staff of the hospital also expressed happiness. He was eventually discharged from Kovid Hospital in Baikunthpur after defeating Corona. Budhni Bai has now fully recovered and returned to her home. The incident of his return home is comforting and happy for the family as well as the people living nearby. Budhni Bai is now a source of inspiration for all those, who are not only struggling with other diseases like Kovid, and by thinking about getting older, they create a new perception towards life and by thinking of getting older, They also consider the body helpless.

What happened when old lady Budhini Bai became 100 years old? The oxygen label was less than 95 when he was brought to the hospital. He had fever and also had other symptoms of corona. In the hospital, he did not take any stress at all and followed the Kovid Guidelines and took medicines. Counseling of doctors and regular contact with nursing staff encouraged her here. With the hard work of doctors, staff nurses and other personnel, Budhni Bai’s health improved and she became fully healthy in just 6 days. The medical staff was also very happy to find 100-year-old Budhni Bai healthy in Kovid Hospital. At the time of his discharge, the entire team of the hospital was present there and saluted his courage. The Collector appreciated the hard work of Budhni Bai’s Jeejeevisha and the medical team and encouraged her to do better. Budhani Bai, who returned home after being healthy, also thanked all the doctors, staff nurses and other personnel for their care and proper treatment.