The railway administration has decided to cancel some passenger special trains due to lack of sufficient passenger numbers. The operation of MEMU special trains running between Ambikapur-Jabalpur and Nagpur-Raipur rail division has been canceled. Similarly, due to the lockdown in the state, the MEMU special running between Dongargarh-Raipur has been done from May 13 to 31. Railways have given detailed information about these canceled trains. Train number 01265 Jabalpur-Ambikapur, Special Express will be canceled from May 13 till further orders. 01266 Ambikapur-Jabalpur Special Express will be canceled from May 14 till further orders. In MEMU special trains, 08709 Raipur-Dongargarh will be canceled from 13 to 30 May. Similarly 08710 Dongargarh-Raipur from 14 to 31 May, 08746 Raipur-Gevra Road from 13 to 30 May, 08745 Gevra Road-Raipur from 14 to 31 May, 08861 Gondia-Jharsuguda Memu from 13 to 30 May and 08862 from Jharsuguda-Gondia 14. This will remain canceled till 31 May.