On May 10, a webinar on public awareness and rescue related to Kovid-19 was organized on behalf of Teacher Education Institute, Pt. Ravi Shankar Shukla University, Raipur. Inaugurating the webinar, Vice Chancellor Prof. Kesharilal Verma underlined his responsibilities towards the society of universities and educational institutions in this global epidemic. In this context, he referred to the efforts made by the university. In this, the facility of free vaccination for all sections of the society in the university campus and to provide all the necessary facilities for teachers and staff was prominent.

Pro. CD. Agashe Director, Institute of Teacher Education, Pt. Ravi Shankar Shukla University gave this information. He said that in the first session of the webinar, Dr. KP Sarabhai, a renowned pediatrician from Chhattisgarh, discussed the work of protecting children and infants below the age of 18 from the outbreak of that epidemic. Dr. Sarabhai made a special mention that regular vaccination of children should not be interrupted during the Kovid epidemic, otherwise it will be even more damaging to the health of the children in future.

In the second session of the webinar, Dr. Tej Prakash Sinha of AIIMS, New Delhi, Emergency Care Department gave a very smooth presentation on the measures to be taken to protect against the Kovid epidemic. Dr. Tej Prakash performed those common exercises to avoid lung infections, so that we can keep our lungs healthy. Dr. Tej Prakash also highlighted the importance of proper diet and mental health to be healthy.

In the third session, Dr. Avinash Ingle of AIIMS Raipur described the vaccine produced in the country as very effective. According to Dr. Ingley, the vaccine prepared in the country has been approved after all the tests. Therefore, any kind of doubt on this is not justified. According to Dr. Ingle, people should avoid rumors and get vaccinated. He also gave important information on protecting himself and the symptoms of Kovid-19 in this odd situation.