Pulses are a major source of protein, but these days, in the Corona era, prices of edible oils along with pulses in the capital Raipur are increasing tremendously. It is being told that the main reason for this is believed to be the deterioration of the grain supply system due to the lockdown done by the district administration due to the corona infection. Because of this, prices have started to rise due to their undeclared shortage. Along with this, it is being told that the freight has also been increased to bring and take goods at night. These days another major problem is coming due to closed home delivery from big companies and institutions of main markets. Significantly, along with the big companies like Best Price, home delivery of super market and main market grain institutions is prohibited. Due to this, the delivery of those who have already placed their orders is stuck.

Grain businessman Prakash Aggarwal said that the supply system has completely deteriorated these days. Because of this, some food items are getting scarce. At the same time, the auto and the carriers have also increased the freight in the night. Going to wholesale market at night and getting goods from there is also troublesome. Businessman Manish Rathore also says that due to the closure of home delivery, the orders of people have been jammed with him. These days shortage of goods has also started.