J&K L-G says wait as father of slain militant sticks to his demand

By Express News Service
Actors Odessa A’zion (Grand Army), Aaron Holliday (Sharp Objects) and Will Block (The Show Must Go Online) have joined the cast of For The Night, a high concept indie horror feature written and directed by debutant James Kimball. 

Odessa A’zionIt is described as an innovative spin on “the found-footage horror genre.”According to Deadline, Holliday will play ‘Alex Wells’, a socially awkward, introverted teenager. 

Things don’t go so well for Alex when his best friend Jakey Moore (Block), and Jakey’s cousin Tanner Boers (A’zion), discover a hidden skate spot within an abandoned hospital. Zachary Green (The Obituary of Tunde Johnson) is producing it.