COVID-19: Factory turns oxygen plant in Kota entrepreneur's bid to help

Express News Service
JAIPUR: Bold individual efforts have stood in good stead for oxygenstarved Rajasthan. An entrepreneur in the academic coaching city of Kota has found a unique way to tackle the crisis. He has got his factory converted into an oxygen plant in a matter of days with the help of experts from Delhi.

The plant now produces 150 cylinders of medical oxygen every day. Rajesh Aggarwal’s Akash plant in Bhimpura near Rampur Industrial Area in Kota earlier produced all kinds of gas materials and supplied them in the local market.

But in this hour of crisis, he has suspended the production and is focusing only on producing oxygen for desperate COVID patients. The young entrepreneur says he was deeply moved by the growing desperation for medical oxygen. “I have let go of my business interest for some time for public service,” he says.

Aggarwal has handed over the oxygen cylinders to the Kota district administration, with whom he wants to cooperate in order to reduce the oxygen crisis in the coaching city.

The Kota administration lifts all the 150 cylinders produced at Aggarwal’s plant and distributes them to local hospitals which need them. “In this difficult time, we have stopped production of all other gas materials at our unit and turned it purely into an oxygen producing plant. We hope to soon start producing 200 cylinders a day. We hope our efforts will help a lot of people,” says Aggarwal.

Kapil Sharma is a member of the expert team from Delhi. “It takes at least three months to set up such a plant. We worked round the clock to get it ready in two weeks. We are now working to raise the production capacity. We are also getting orders from other regions of the country,” said Sharma.

Call to come forward

Rajesh Aggarwal has urged members of the business community to come forward and help. “We need to pitch in as our duty to humanity,” he says.