Jabs do not affect rituals of Ramadan: Grand Mufti

Express News Service
SRINAGAR:  With vaccine hesitancy bringing down the number of people getting the shots, especially during the fasting month of Ramadan in Jammu and Kashmir, the J&K’s Grand Mufti on Tuesday advised people get the jab as it did not impact their rituals. He has also said Muslims can offer five-time prayers at home in case they felt vulnerable while offering prayers at mosque.

J&K’s Grand Mufti, Mufti Nasir-ul-Islam told TNIE that the Covid vaccine did not affect fasting in any way. “It does not break the fast,” he said. “A Muslim can take the jab during Ramadan. I urge the people, especially Muslims, to go for vaccination. I have also taken the vaccine,” he said. Mufti Nasir said the Covid vaccine is intra-muscular and it is not a glucose, which can increase energy level.

“It is an intra-muscular vaccine for defense against the virus. There is no food ingredient in the vaccine and as such it won’t impact the fasting in anyway.” He asserted that taking Covid vaccine in Ramadan is Islamic. “Everyone must come forward and take the vaccine. People should not pay heed to rumours.”

Advising people to stay indoors, the Grand Mufti said, “People can offer five-time prayers at home in case they feel the risk of catching virus while going outside. They can stay at home and offer prayers there. The safety of a person is supreme”. He said and asked the clerics to inform people about following social distancing and wearing masks while offering prayers in the mosques.

The Grand Mufti also rejected the misconception that people cannot offer prayers while wearing masks. “It is preposterous and nonsensical. It does not have any ground.” He also asked the Masjid committee to acquire oxygen cylinders so that they can be provided to Covid-patients, who are in need of oxygen supply. “The oxygen cylinders should be kept in reserve as we don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow as the Covid-cases are rising in J&K and India”. 1,300 additional beds for Covid patients in Srinagar The additional beds have been set up at various public and private facilities. Authorities are also arranging other essentials.