PM Modi, who arrived in Bengal on Saturday to campaign for the West Bengal Legislative Assembly election, embraced him socially and Padma Award winner Karimul Haque with aplomb as soon as he saw him. Please tell that its photo is becoming fiercely viral on social media. Significantly, Karimul Haque is also known as ‘Bike Ambulance Dada’. In fact, PM Modi landed at Bagdogra Airport in West Bengal on Saturday for the election meeting. Karimul Haque was already there. On seeing him, PM Modi embraced him. There is a lot of praise on social media about this. People say that honoring Karimul Haque’s social service comes well to PM Modi. Please tell that Karimul Haq works in the Jalpaiguri district to transport patients by his motorcycle to the hospital. He has also been awarded the Padma Award for this unique way.

On this, when an attempt was made to know from Karimul Haq by a news website NBT that Mamta Banerjee would not be angry with him. After this, what Karimul said will be nothing short of a shock for Mamta. Actually, while answering this question, Karimul Haque said that there is such a difference between Narendra Modi and Mamta Banerjee that when he went to meet Didi, he was ‘abused’. Karimul Haque said that PM Modi runs the country and Mamata Banerjee runs Bengal. When PM Modi called me to meet, I went and met him, he hugged me, it was a matter of difference for me. Who meets a poor man like me? If I went to meet the PM, what would I ask for my state, then I would ask for something. He said that if I ask for anything, I will demand for the country to make AIIMS in Bengal. With this Karimul Haque said that if I went to meet Mamta Banerjee, I was not allowed to meet her. I was offended by this. We are dirty men, probably because of this we were not allowed to meet Didi.