In the fourth round of voting in West Bengal today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is addressing a public meeting in Siliguri. During this, PM Modi lashed out at Mamta Banerjee, referring to the violence in Cooch Behar. He said that what has happened in Cooch Behar meanwhile, is very sad. I grieve over the deaths of those who have died. My condolences to his family. Seeing public support in favor of BJP, the fury of Didi and her goons is becoming uncontrollable. PM Modi further said that upon seeing his chair go, Didi has come down to this level. Didi and TMC will not be allowed to run in Bengal. My request to the Election Commission is that the culprits of what happened in Cooch Behar should be dealt with the harshest.

These are the self-respecting sisters of Bengal who, despite all their grief and suffering, eat their hard work, bear the hardships of their self-respect, but do not give up self-respect. A few days ago in Siliguri, Didi said that her tolabas only take 100-500 rupees, what a big deal in this! Didi did not give the right to the poor, dalits, tribals, backward to anyone. Didi did not provide water from the tap in the house, did not provide irrigation water to the fields, but the rivers here were handed over to the mafia. Touchabaji in every scheme, Katamani in every scheme. Didi did not get angry at the goons who persecuted the poor for 10 years, the murderers, the robbers, the robbers. But Didi is angry at the security forces who are protecting the rights of the people of Bengal. Seeing his defeat in front, Didi’s anger keeps growing on me. Seeing the affection of the people of Bengal on me, Didi is also angry with the people of Bengal. A video has surfaced in which a leader close to Didi has insulted the Scheduled Caste. He said that the Schedule Caste community, which is a Scheduled Caste in Bengal, behaves like beggars. The people of Bengal have decided that you must go. The people of Bengal are going to die only after taking you out. You will not go alone. Your entire gang is about to be removed by the public. Sister, O Sister! People of Bengal will stay here. If you have to go, then you have to go to the government. Didi you are not the fate of the people of Bengal. The people of Bengal are not your fiefdom.