State Industries Minister and Minister in charge of Mahasamund district, Mr. Kavasi Lakhma today discussed the situation arising out of Corona infection with MPs, MLAs and appealed to them for cooperation with various society heads and social organizations.
In-charge Minister Lakhma asked the representatives of social organizations associated with video conferencing from Mahasamund district headquarters from last one month of March 2021, informing them about the positive case of corona infection in the state as well as Mahasamund district. In view of the situation arising out of corona infection in the state and district, he appealed to all the heads of society, social organizations, activists, traders, donors and public representatives for its control and prevention for prevention of Kovid-19 (personal distance, mask of Public awareness campaign should be motivated to follow the rules of compulsory, sanitizer and washing hands with soap, etc.).
Just like the support provided by all social organizations, activists and people of all sections for the prevention of corona infection, last year, likewise, all social organizations, public representatives provide active support such as in hospitals and Kovid centers with oxygen facility. There is an appeal to all of you for financial and material support to increase the number of beds, provide food and other facilities to the needy people in the locked-down zone. Along with this, according to the order of the government for the prevention of infection, all persons above 45 years of age need to be motivated to get vaccinated and also to get Kovid examination done for people with symptoms of corona.
The Minister in-charge provided necessary support and contribution in the treatment of patients in the dedicated Kovid Hospital, Kovid Care Center and Kovid Centers of all the blocks, as well as the Marriage Hall, Hotel, Dharamshala etc. as Kovid Care Center in the district. Has appealed to all to provide support in making it available for operation.