Damaging reputation of spouse amounts to mental cruelty, says SC

MIRZAPUR: An influential Muslim body in Uttar Pradesh’s Mirzapur — Markazi Sunni Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind — has said they will not solemnise Muslim marriages if dowry will be a part of it.

Terming dowry as “un-Islamic”, committee chairman Maulana Najam Ali Khan said that due to the ever-increasing demand for dowry, girls are not getting married in a large section of society.

Further, the Muslim body also stated that they would not conduct a nikah ceremony where music and dance are happening and DJ is there. “This is against Islam; (we) will boycott such weddings,” the committee members of the Muslim body added.

Custodian of the Muslim body, Mufti Abdul Khalik said, “A movement has started in Mirzapur against dowry seekers and those who eat while standing up.”

Those who play DJ and fireworks in celebration of marriages will also be boycotted by the Muslim body.

Muslim clerics had earlier also raised objections on the usage of music in weddings terming it a financial burden and wastage.