Lalo Salamanca, Don Eladio Vuente, to return for Better Call Saul

By Express News Service
The Twitter account of Better Call Saul confirmed the return of Lalo Salamanca, Don Eladio Vuente, and Juan Bolsa to the show’s sixth and final season. Posting an image featuring actors in Tony Dalton, Steven Bauer, and Javier Grajeda in their characters, the tweet read “Just three cool, terrifying dudes.”

The update comes days after the show’s writer, Thomas Schnauz, tweeted, “I’m just finishing the outline for the last Better Call Saul I’ll ever get to write (although I might keep writing fanfic after the show is long gone),” in response to a fan, who asked about the progress of the show’s final season.As teased by the series’ co-creator, Peter Gould, early in March, the final season of the acclaimed show is currently in production.